Run by the Sangat of Past, Present and Future

Virtual Exhibitions - Instagram

We host rotating virtual exhibitions on our Instagram page to showcase the work of authors, bloggers and historians.

Email us to propose an exhibition.

Sikh History Google Calendar

We record significant days of Sikh history on a google calendar so that followers can subscribe and synchronise with their smartphones to learn what happened "on this day".

Sikh & Panjabi History Podcasts

We record interviews with authors, academics, historians and researchers on topics related to Punjab or Sikh studies.

Email us to propose a guest speaker.

PhD Assistance

We have an active large following online and we use this to mobilise efforts to aid researchers in their fieldwork by connecting them with local community leaders or participants.


To support our blog and channel for all our projects please do consider becoming a patreon which helps towards production and research costs such as books and travel.

Sikhs of Denmark Research

We curated an exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Denmark to showcase our research on the documentation of the Sikh community in Denmark. We hope to publish a book.