Social Influence in Conversations

Co-located with ACL 2023 (July 14, 2023)

Social influence is the change in an individual's thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or behaviors that results from interaction with another individual or a group. For example, a buyer uses social influence skills to engage in trade-offs and build rapport when bargaining with a seller. A therapist uses social influence skills like persuasion to motivate a patient towards physical exercise. Social influence is a core function of human communication, and such scenarios are ubiquitous in everyday life, from negotiations to argumentation to behavioral interventions. Consequently, realistic human-machine conversations must reflect these social influence dynamics, making it essential to systematically model and understand them in dialogue research. This requires perspectives not only from NLP and AI research but also from game theory, emotion, communication, and psychology.

We are excited to host the First Workshop on Social Influence in Conversations (SICon 2023). SICon 2023 will be a one-day hybrid event, co-located with ACL 2023. It would be the first venue that uniquely fosters a dedicated discussion on social influence within NLP while involving researchers from other disciplines such as affective computing and the social sciences. SICon 2023 features keynote talks, panel discussions, poster sessions, and lightning talks for accepted papers. We hope to bring together researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines to discuss important problems related to social influence, as well as share findings and recent advances. We encourage researchers of all stages and backgrounds to share their exciting work!


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Important Dates

All deadlines are 11:59 PM UTC-12:00 (or AoE, Anywhere on Earth”).

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SICon 2023 is sponsored by LivePerson. A brief introduction about the company can be found here.