Hi, I'm Shyamal, a third year Theory CS PhD student at Columbia. My research interests are in extremal/probabilistic combinatorics, sketching, discrepancy theory, and property testing. More generally, I particularly like the analysis of simple algorithms and crossover techniques between various areas of math and computer science. I am fortunate to be advised by Cliff Stein and Xi Chen and supported by an NSF Graduate Fellowship.


  1. New Lower Bounds for Adaptive Tolerant Junta Testing (Submitted), Xi Chen and Shyamal Patel

  2. Distribution-free Testing for Halfspaces Requires PAC Learning (SODA '22), Xi Chen and Shyamal Patel

  3. Threshold Graphs Maximize Homomorphism Densities (Submitted), Grigoriy Blekherman and Shyamal Patel

  4. A Trivial Yet Optimal Solution To Vertex Fault Tolerant Spanners (PODC '19), Greg Bodwin and Shyamal Patel

Email: shyamalpatelb (at) gmail (dot) com