Hey! My name is Shuzhen Zuo, I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Thomas McHugh's Lab at the University of Tokyo (Lab based on RIKEN Center for Brain Science).

I am very much interested in cognitive neuroscience and particularly in the storage and retrieval of memories. Previously, I was investigating the role of neurons in the precuneus region of the parietal cortex in episodic memory retrieval under the supervision of Dr. Sze Chai Kwok. During my PhD period, I will continualy study the neuronal mechanism of memory retrieval especially memory replay. Throughout my studies, I have been investigating these topics using behavioral and electrophysiological techniques.


1. Zuo Sǂ, Wang Lǂ, Shin JH, Cai Y, Zhang B, Lee SW, Appiah K, Zhou Y-d, Kwok SC* (2020) Behavioral evidence for memory replay of video episodes in the macaque. eLife, 9: e54519. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.54519 (ǂ joint first)

2. Wang L, Zuo S, Cai Y, Zhang B, Wang H, Zhou Y-d, Kwok SC. Fallacious reversal of event-order during recall reveals memory reconstruction in rhesus monkeys. Behavioural Brain Research.


1. Oral presentation in JNS 2019, ‘Mnemonic rigidity revealed in macaques: A two-step mechanism underlying temporal-order judgement of naturalistic cinematic events’. 42th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society.

2. Poster presentation in AREADNE 2020, ‘Neuronal signature for temporal-order memory and temporal context in macaque medio-posterior parietal cortex’.

3. Poster presentation in Cosyne 2021, 'Primate PPC neurons track passage of time and orchestrate for successful temporal order memory'. (Video in Youtube)

Contact me:

Twitter: @Shuzhen Zuo