Shukes and Giff The Podcast #ShukesAndGiff

Learning from #ShukesAndgIffSTE18

In this episode we ambush (and get ambushed) at #ISTE18

Episode 13 - Season 1 Finale

In this episode we talk about big Flipgrid news, Lunapic, the green screen tool , a Mac screen capture time saver, and Gmail tricks.

Episode 12 - Making Things Pretty

In this episode we talk about an easy way to access & edit FormMule templates, docAppender for primary teachers, design tools for the design challenged, and how to make yourself into an android.

Episode 11 - Say Anything

In this episode we talk about embedding a live slide in Doc, Prefixes and Suffixes in a numbered list, Saving photos directly to drive from an iOS device, and making a copy of a Google Site.

Episode 10 - A Ping Pong of AHAs To Get You Going

In this episode we talk about 10 tips, tricks and extensions.

Episode 9 - Talking, Looking, and Saving for Later

In this episode we talk about things that are trending, yet another way to force copy, a new AI tool from Google, a new feature in Google Photos, a pair of tools to keep you up to date, and a bonus!

Episode 8 - We're Getting Good At Keeping Secrets

In this episode we talk about the Checkmark extension for feedback, the Grasshopper app to learn Java Script, a change to Google hangouts, and the Name Those Docs! add-on for Sheets.

Episode 7 - The Cut Off

In this episode we talk about alternatives to Today's Meet, using the CopyDown Sheets add-on to keep formatting, & a teleprompter tool.

Episode 6 - We Need Sound FX

In this episode we talk about Commenting in Slides, Tab Resize & Tab Glue, Converting from Classic Sites to New Sites, Backing up iOS Photos to Google photos and searching multiple people in Google Photos.

Episode 5 - Ditch That Regular Format

In this episode we have a special guest co-host Matt Miller, we talk about saving images in Chrome, Slides Yearbook, & the Toby Chrome extension.

Episode 4 - Let's Be Lazy

In this episode we talk about Padlet changes and alternatives, Collaborative YouTube Videos, Video Notes and 10 great Google Drive Tips for the "The Lazy".

In this episode we talk about, the Doc To Form Add-on, Noisli, Time/dates in google sheets, & #Sketch50, and using comments to make thinking visible. the show notes

In this episode we talk about the PhotoMath, Google Doc URL Tricks, Editing Master Slide on Google Slides, Version History & the Story Speaker Google Docs Add-on. the show notes

In this episode we talk about the Anchor app for podcasting, changes in Bitmoji, new formatting options in GSuite, inserting GIFs in Google Classroom headers, new activity dashboard, & the Flipgrid discovery library the show notes