About me


I'm Shrey Agrawal

PhD Student, Transporation Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kanpur. Prime Minister's Research Fellow (PMRF) May 2021.

Working with Dr. Venkatesan Kanagaraj (Thesis Supervisor), developing Continuum traffic flow models for ordered and disordered traffic.

Research Interest

  • Traffic engineering

  • Traffic flow modelling and simulation

Research Overview

With India's growing economy, the traffic has also grown significantly, resulting in overstressed road networks and road infrastructure, causing frequent traffic jams and congestion. This leads to issues like increased travel time, fuel consumption, air pollution, and noise pollution. Mathematical models can help to simulate and predict the evolution of different traffic phenomena. Such models are termed traffic flow models and can be used to aid traffic system planning and management.

In countries like India, there is a multi-model traffic system meaning consists of many classes of vehicles, each having distinct features and set of attributes sharing the same right of way. This results in traffic with haphazard movements having weak/absent lane discipline. Hence, vehicle lateral movements become significant, and 1D traffic flow models developed may not be able to approximate such traffic. Though few studies have been done to model lane free traffic, further research is needed in this area. Thus, my research objective is to develop traffic flow models for ordered and disordered traffic while assuming traffic as a continuum.