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This site was created to share art lessons to during this strange time! Please feel free to email me your lessons to add. Not all lessons are up yet. Thank you to the ART TEACHER community for sharing!

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Data Selfie

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Lesson by L. Hearn

Grade k and 1 Rocket

Grades 1-2:

Have a large (36”) circle pre-cut from roll paper. In the center, write CIRCLE of FRIENDS.

Discuss friendship and ways to be a good friend and/or read a book about friendship.

Students choose a 6x9 piece of construction paper from a variety of skin-tone colors. They will trace their hand, cut it out, and write their first name on the palm with a bold color. Decorate the rest of the hand with pattern/pictures/etc. using marker or crayon.

When finished, everyone takes their decorated hand cut-out to the teacher, who will glue them around the circumference of the paper circle. It’s something special to leave with their home room teacher to have on display in their classroom


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