I am a PhD student in the Department of Theoretical Physics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India. I am working on the application of 21-cm physics in Cosmology under the supervision of Girish Kulkarni (TIFR).


  1. REACH (University of Cambridge), 11th April 2022

  2. THEP seminar (IIT Bombay) [Invited], 1st Apr 2022

  3. 40th Annual Meeting of ASI, 26th Mar 2022*

  4. SAZERAC-GULP 21cm [Recorded], 14th Mar 2022

  5. Battcock Seminar (University of Cambridge), 9th Mar 2022

  6. Astronomy Lunch talk (University of Nottingham) [Invited], 17th Feb 2022

  7. 21-cm Cosmology Group (India), 14th Feb 2022

  8. SAZERAC (Learning the high-redshift Universe) [Flash talk], 3rd Feb 2022

  9. REACH, 6th Dec 2021

  10. SALF VIII [Recorded], 5th Dec 2021

  11. 4th Global 21-cm Workshop, 14th Oct 2021

  12. State of the Universe Seminar (TIFR), 24th Sep 2021

  13. G & C Group (IIT Madras) [Invited], 14th Aug 2021

  14. REACH, 5th Jul 2021

  15. Workshop on 21-cm cosmology and reionization, 21st Apr 2021

  16. 39th Annual Meeting of ASI, 22nd Feb 2021

  17. SAZERAC (The 21-cm signal) [Recorded], 29th Jan 2021

  18. REACH, 12th Jan 2021

  19. 21-cm Cosmology Group (India), 13th Nov 2020

  20. State of the Universe Seminar (TIFR), 23rd Oct 2020


Recorded talk at SAZERAC

39th Meeting of ASI

4th Global 21-cm Workshop

Recorded talk at SALF VIII

Flash talk at SAZERAC

Recorded talk at SAZERAC

40th Meeting of ASI