Ibanez Jem Vai2k DNA #235/300

**SOLD*** Vai2k DNA Jem I purchased new in April of 2001. #235 of 300 produced total worldwide. Yes, it contains Steve Vai's blood mixed into the paint swirled by Darren Johansen at About Time Designs . It is in Excellent, near mint condition and rarely played. It does have some light pick scratches on the pick guard and very light buckle rash on the back that could probably be buffed out easily. There are a couple spots of pitting on the bridge but not bad. There is a tiny bit of wear on some of the tuners. The back control cavity cover still has factory plastic on it. It includes everything that came with it from the factory- Cert. of Authenticity, inspection tag, tremolo bar, wrench set, sleeping bag(no drawstring), both instruction manuals. As you can see from the photos this one came in the international flight case, which still has the plastic over the name plate, but the case itself does have some scuffs. I'm the original owner. I also have the original Ibanez cardboard shipping box it came in.

Price: $8000.00 obo

Ibanez Joe Satriani Chromeboy Prototype #2

Edit: As of August 25, 2017 I received confirmation from Mike Lipe, formerly Head Luthier of the Ibanez LA Custom Shop, that he did indeed build this prototype guitar for Joe Satriani and Ibanez DID send it to him.

ok, first I want to start by saying I have no type of certificate on this guitar. I bought it from a privately owned music store around '99 or 2000. The owner had lots of friends and connections in the music world as he has been in music business forever. Over the years I've tried to get some history/info on this guitar but never came up with anything for sure. That being said, this is supposedly a prototype Chromeboy that Ibanez built for Joe Satriani when designing his own Chrome Guitar. I have had a LOT of interest in this guitar over the years and many many offers. Since i have owned this I have VERY RARELY played it or even touched it due to the widely known unstable nature of the chrome finish. It has one good sized crack in the chrome on the back of the guitar stretching from the neck plate to the back trem cavity plate. The crack has remained unchanged the entire time I have owned it and i've kept a very close watch on it. Other than that there is wearing away of the chrome around the pickup rings/neck pocket/bridge, which has also not changed since I've owned it or at least not that i can tell. The bridge/tuners/frets have usual wear & the body does show signs of scratches(mainly on the back). One locking nut bolt is missing, i'll look again in the case for it and in my spare parts. The birdseye maple neck is stunning!! The jack has a pretty significant short in it. It can be played by toying with the cable at the right position. I have purposely never fixed it because 1. i suck at soldering and was afraid of somehow causing damage to the guitar. 2. I've never felt like bringing the guitar outside of my house to anyone else to repair/replace the jack. For serious potential buyers I WILL get the jack in working order. I have basically just kept this guitar 100% untouched since i bought it. When the jack works this guitar sounds INCREDIBLE!!!! It has a very unique tone that sounds like no other guitar I've heard, possibly the chrome finish??...I have no idea. I'll be more than happy to provide more photos and/or video on request!

Price: 9000.00 obo

Ibanez 1987 Jem 777 #22/777

This is it, this is THE ONE that started it ALL!!! This is the very first Jem 777 Ibanez created for Steve Vai as his first signature model, the now legendary JEM!!!! This is the 1987 original, not the 30th anniversary model. #22 of 777 produced, and hand signed by Vai at the factory!! I am the 3rd owner and the guitar itself is in excellent condition considering it's 30 years old. The case has some wear, it is missing the case pyramid with the #, and the combo lock is busted. The guitar only has one tiny chip in the leg rest arch. It has pick scratches on the pickguard but other than that, scratches are very light everywhere else. It has the typical stress crack in the neck pocket of the body. This one has the palm rest over the tremolo. It comes with the tremolo bar. The release of the 30th anniversary models knocked the value of the originals down at the moment but everybody knows they WILL go back up and there are not many of these out there for sale! For that reason I'll be up front & say don't bother with ridiculously low offers on this, I have no problem NOT selling this.. If you're looking for one of these, you and I both know what it is and the possibility of its increasing value in coming years! Thanks for looking.

Price: $6000.00 obo

Gibson 1995 Les Paul Standard Wine Red

1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Wine Red - "Beauty"! Most know this has been my work horse for many many years!! It is always my go to for pure balls to the wall tone!! Full disclosure, she is not perfect, she has battle scars, quite a bit of buckle rash and the headstock broke twice(first repair didn't take). A couple years back Joel Dyer repaired the headstock the second time with exquisite perfection going so far to sand the finish down a bit and restain it flawlessly!!!!! You would never know it broke and has not affected it's performance in the slightest!! At that time he also buffed out the top and cleaned the cavity out upgrading to "50s wiring", new pots and Dijon caps.

Price: $2000.00 obo

Jackson Custom USA Strat w/ flame graphic

This was a custom shop order around '87-'88. It was originally owned by a member of a rock band named Nobody's Children during the late 80's out of North Louisiana. Soon after getting this guitar there was a line-up change and he moved to bass. This guitar is in excellent condition considering its age. The back is definitely the worse for wear. There are only a very few dings/chips, None on the front of the body. 1-2 on the back above trem cover but with finish still intact. there may be 3-4 small ones on the headstock. The most it has is buckle rash and scratches on the back and very light scratches on the front that are only visible at angles. There is 1-2 photos upclose where the color looks grey instead of black, but thats from the camera flash. Original active Jackson electronics with separate on/off toggles for each pickup and a cool db boost switch. It was recently cleaned up(pots sprayed) & batteries changed. Case latches work, case interior is clean and intact, the exterior has wear as seen in photo.

Price: $1600.00 obo

Ibanez 1988 540R Radius

1988 Ibanez 540 Radius- originally Hot Pink customized with purple/green chameleon finish, in certain light you can see where i filled in the middle pickup cavity(my first custom work i ever attempted years ago) paint job/clear coat were professionally done. Neck pickup does not work, bridge pickup sounds great!! Guitar is a great player, easy shredder. Just a few little dings. Can't find the cavity plates, but still looking thru my stuff for them. Comes w/ economy case

Price: 300.00 obo

Vai Flame Custom

I have no idea what to ask for this thing! haha I had always dreamed of owning a real Performance Vai Flame guitar but they were so expensive and hard to find when I started collecting, so I decided to build my own. This was originally an ugly Hamer Strat that I chopped up, sanded, and attempted to paint the headstock. I had the body professionally painted. It is not the most perfect custom job in the world but its an attention getter and it does play well and sound good!!! Besides, this was mainly just a fun project for me. The strings are off because I switched tremolos with a Jackson. When I sold the Jackson a few months back I switched them back but didn't have time to restring the Flame and forgot, But I will get it set back up in case anyone wants to try it out.

Price: $300??