Shave the Peak

The price you pay for electricity is largely determined by the amount of energy we use during the hottest afternoons of the summer.

On the two or three hottest days of the year, when we all crank our AC and fans to the max, New England's energy grid gets overwhelmed, causing the utility companies to turn-on the most expensive and most polluting types of power plants to make sure they can meet demand. Because this energy production is so expensive, the amount of energy used on these days drives up the cost for energy that customers pay throughout the year.

By using just a little less during those times, we can drastically reduce how much electricity costs.

Reducing the amount of electricity we use during the hottest days each year ("Shaving the Peak") means that the utility companies will have to burn less fossil fuels, creating savings that will be passed onto consumers. This decreased demand also means there's less of a need to burn dirty fuels, the fuels that contribute to climate change.

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