We need sharks

By, Rowsley

How would you feel if sharks were extincted I bet you would fell happy but what if a told you sharks have a cure for cancer now I would bet you would feel disappointed because people are murdering sharks for shark fin soup and jewelry and to make pointy spears for whale hunters to use which makes even more trouble for both sharks and whales we need sharks 20 percent of the time sharks see garbage they will bring it to shore . if the shark species keep going down the fish species will go up since sharks are needed to keep the ecosystem balance

did you know only the biggest sharks are almost extincted since some people dont like shark fin soup and like shark meat and two sharks have a ton of meat basking shark and whale shark have the most meat in them.this needs to stop because they also help the ecosystem

they help the eco system by keeping the fish population even and most most sharks are sea cleaners which means they are immune to eating garbage and great white sharks are immune to jelly fish stings which means it can clean the jelly fish population and not just the fish population and did you know most sharks clean the seas salty waters

i demand people to stop killing sharks and its clearly obvious that if sharks went extincted the fish population will keep going up an then fish will rule the seas if these changes are made not only will fish rule the sea but more and more garbage will keep coming fishers will over fish to many fishes