Published and Forthcoming Articles

Ayalew, Shibiru, Shanthi Manian and Ketki Sheth. Forthcoming. Discrimination from Below: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia. Journal of Development Economics. [pre-print]

Manian, Shanthi and Ketki Sheth. (2021). Follow my Lead: Assertive Cheap Talk and the Gender Gap. Management Science. [pre-print]

Manian, Shanthi. (2021). Conflict and Risky Health Behavior: Evidence from Mexico’s Drug War. Journal of Development Economics. [pre-print]

Arredondo, Jaime, Tommi Gaines, Shanthi Manian, et al. (2018). The law on the streets: Evaluating the impact of mexico's drug decriminalization reform on drug possession arrests in Tijuana, Mexico. The International Journal of Drug Policy.

Padian, Nancy and Shanthi Manian. (2011). Invited Comment: The concurrency debate: time to put it to rest. The Lancet.

Padian, Nancy, Sandra McCoy, Shanthi Manian et al. (2011). Evaluation of Complex, Combination HIV Prevention Programs: Essential Issues. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Research in Progress

Explaining Entrepreneurial Success: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia, with Shibiru Ayalew and Ketki Sheth

Memory Constraints and Animal Health, with Haseeb Ahmed and Erin Giffin

Do financial incentives change beliefs? A field experiment in Uganda, with JohnBosco Asiimwe, Sarojini Hirshleifer, and Ketki Sheth.

Accelerating the growth and assessing the impacts of gender-sensitive and technology enhanced organic vegetable production in the province of Laguna, with Gregmar Galinato, Suzette Galinato, Amelia Bello and Lorna Sister

Incentives for Rabies Control, with Felix Lankester and Jon Yoder

The Promise of Pasteurized Milk, with Mark Caudell and Doug Call