Courses directed:

Postgraduate Modules:

  • AcF601: Advanced Corporate Finance
  • AcF602: Advanced Investment Management.
  • AcF702: Msc Dissertation Topics: Advanced topics in Finance
      • Assessing Default Risk of Public Companies.
      • Corporate Payout Policy - Theory and Evidence.
      • Stock Market Behaviour and Investment Strategy.
  • AcF857: Doctoral seminars.
  • FMBA504: Corporate Finance in Lancaster Full time MBA Finance module
  • MNGT 604: Financial Management in the MSc in Management programme.

Undergraduate Modules:

  • AcF100: Managerial Finance
  • AcF263: Introduction to Finance
  • AcF321: Investments
  • AcF302: Corporate Finance
  • AcF350: Final year Project: Initial Public offering