The Land of Dreams Awaits

Shangrila MUX is a text-based, adults-only, BDSM-themed virtual world for online roleplay. Since its founding in 2001, Shangrila has provided a rich environment for imaginative players to play out their fantasies. Featuring an extensive world to explore, several groups to join and an engaging, community-driven continuity, the exciting and erotic world of Shangrila is more than just a game. It's an experience. 

Step through the Portal and see what the Land of Dreams has to offer.



Shangrila, the Land of Dreams, is a magical realm where almost anything is possible. It exists in a dimension beyond our own, between the outer and the inner worlds. Accessible by a single portal controlled by the mysterious force of Oblivion, which plucks people from other dimensions, realms, and lands. What these people experience in transit may vary, but the mode of transit is always the same: the Portal.

Everyone who passes through the Portal is affected by the transition in some way, as Oblivion remakes the individual in his or her ideal form, drawing upon whatever is in their hearts. The individual may be greatly changed—changing their species or gender, developing new abilities, growing new limbs—or the change may be subtle, with no outward appearance. Even those who are born in Shangrila are touched by the power of Oblivion. The result is an extremely diverse population with a community-based on shared experience.

Shangrila is ruled by an autocratic Prince and governed on his behalf by an elected advisory council that includes the heads of each house of government as well as an emissary of the Temple of Oblivion. The people of Shangrila are encouraged to pursue their desires, and few laws inhibit the pleasures of the flesh, or the pursuit of intellect, wealth, power, or political sway. 

Players are encouraged to get involved in city life, and enjoy the abundant opportunities to interact with other players to play out their character's ambitions, including their own dark fantasies.


To play on Shangrila MUX, you will need a terminal emulator capable of running telnet or Secure Shell (ssh), or a MUD client application. Use the settings below to connect.


Port: 9999

Encrypted connections are available for clients that support SSL/TLS.


Port: 8888

Log in

If you have a character, you can log in using your name or dbref and password. If your name consists of more than one word, enclose it in quotes.

connect <name> <password>

connect "<firstname> <lastname>" <password>

connect <dbref> <password>

Connect as a guest

If you do not have an existing character, you can log in as a guest to read background information and ask questions.

connect Voyeur voyeur

You will be added automatically to the Guest channel, where you can ask questions and get help. Type g <your message> to talk on the Guest channel. 


In most circumstances, players can create additional characters (a.k.a. alts) at the connection screen.

Create a character

create <name> <password>

You may have up to 10 alts. However, if multiple players share an IP address, they may collectively have no more than 10 alts.

Restricted character generation

Character generation may be limited in some circumstances, in which case staff will need to create a character for you and send a temporary password.

Please use +alias <name> to check if the name you want is in use before requesting a new character. 

Remember to change your temporary password after you log in for the first time.

@password <old password>=<new password> 

Character Generation Rules

Players are expected to comply with all other rules posted within the game.

Get Started

Here are some tips for getting started once you've created a character. 

Client Software

Although you don't need anything more than telnet or ssh to connect to Shangrila, most players use MUD client software, which is designed to enhance the user experience with features designed for online roleplay.


Players have the right keep their personal information and alts private from other players and without fear of being spied upon.


No player can be forced to participate in any roleplay without their consent. Players have the right to play without fear of being harassed by fellow players and to be treated fairly and equally, independent of the in-character position of their character. 

Thank you

Shangrila runs on the TinyMUX platform.

The game server is managed by MushPark Hosting.

Step through the Portal and explore the Land of Dreams.