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Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Empowerment & Healing Now Offered in the Comfort of Your Own Home Through Audio Mp3 Transmissions!

LITERALLY Some of the MOST if not the most POWERFUL Set of Affirmations or Decrees as DIRECT Transmissions of Connection to Super Intelligent Energy. This is the only place you can find Affirmations and Positive Mind Programming this POWERFUL!!!

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Life does not need to be an unfulfilled struggle. We don't need to keep beating our heads against the walls of our obstacles without any progress. Feeling powerless and at the mercy of life is going to kill any progress towards attaining your goals from the start.

No one needs to be at the mercy of life and powerless here! The yogi's, mystics, shamans, wisdom keepers etc. have all said that this world is like a dream. When you are asleep your mind creates a whole dreaming scene, a body, and an identity to interact with the dream world. The mystic masters say that we dream this "waking" world in the same way.

The Medium of all perceptions and experiences is Energy... Even what appears as "physical" or material quantum physicists say is composed of mostly empty space and MOVEMENTS OF ENERGY! If you feel like you keep beating your head against obstacles and nothing seems to be working out. Or you make many efforts but never seem to get anywhere. The blockage may be in your Energy Field. Clear, Balance, Harmonize, and Empower your Energy Field, and you will have a whole new Life!

Everything witnessed is composed of and informed by subtle energy. Holistic wellness, goal success, and life mastery start first in the subtle energy field and reflect out into the gross appearances of a material world.

  • Release stuck stagnant energy, or programming that seems to be obstructing you from attaining your highest good... Clear intrusions, or "trouble making" energies from your life.
  • ​Realize greater freedom, lightness, inspiration to follow your dreams and to actualize them, and greater feeling of purpose in life...
  • Receive siddha subtle energy empowerment for Divine Alignment with your "Perfected Master Self".
  • This Energy Transmission carries immense amounts of information into the human energy field for ongoing guidance and integration.
  • The power and results of these Energy Transmissions will increase Every Time you listen to them! So you can listen to these over and over again!

One of the specialties of this kind of energy empowerment with Darshan Baba is life transformation. Receivers of Siddha Subtle Energy work with Darshan commonly report a whole new perspective on life and transformation of life to whole new levels.

This Siddha Shaktipat Initiation establishes within you a Direct Living Connection to the Combined Essence of All Perfected Masters (Siddha), & the Super Intelligent Divine Energy (Maha Shakti the Source and Form of All Energy, and Very Medium of All that is Seen, Perceived, Experienced, etc.) This Direct Connection then continues to Guide you in the most perfect way for your own pathway on an ongoing continual basis after you have received this Siddha Shaktipat Empowerment!

What you get with your Mp3 bundle at this unbelievably discounted price!

Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Audio Transmissions:

  • Divine Love Empowerment ($54 Value/Priceless)
  • Holistic Health & Healing Arts Empowerment ($54 Value/Priceless)
  • Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities Empowerment ($54 Value/Priceless)
  • Connect to Quantum Field Empowerment 2 ($54 Value/Priceless)
  • Many Upcoming Future Releases Included Free [Limited Time Bonus Offer] ($108+ Value/Priceless)

Empowerment Overload Audios:

LITERALLY Some of the MOST if not the most POWERFUL Set of Affirmations or Decrees as DIRECT Transmissions of Connection to Super Intelligent Energy. This is the only place you can find Affirmations and Positive Mind Programming this POWERFUL!!!

  • A Self Attunement Audio Transmission Moksha Healing Overload ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • Siddha Shakti Empowerment - Mantra Overload Subliminal ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • Siddhi Activation With Mantra Affirmations & Mantra Overload Subliminal ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • Abundance Overload Empowerment - ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • Lucid States: Ultimate Lucid Dreaming & Life Mastery - ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • Infinite Super Intelligent Light | Light Body Activation Overload - Soon to Be Released... ($9 Value/Priceless)
  • All Upcoming Future Releases of Empowerment Overload Audios ($108+ Value/Priceless) [Limited Time Bonus Offer]

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About the Quantum Siddha Energy Transmission (Shaktipat) & Empowerment Overload Audio Tracks You Will Get In Your Bundle!

Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Audio Transmissions:

Recorded Live during group Siddha Subtle Energy Medicine & Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Group Transmissions. Darshan Baba used to give Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Transmissions to select small group of students who passed through an application practice. Most all the students paid $54-108 donations for 1 single Shaktipat Initiation, and Siddha Subtle Energy Transmission.

These Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Audios provide a Living Direct Connection to the Super Intelligent Energy Source of All Energy, the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities! It is not just a recording... Each one who listens will connect directly through this Link of Living Super Intelligent Energy. Each time one listens to the audio the empowerments will increase in power, open into even deeper states of integration, and even brand new empowerments can be received. The Energy is Transmitted and Guided by this Super Intelligent Force of All Energy! Everything that is perceived is Energy!

Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities Empowerment ($54 Value/Priceless)

Audio Recorded after Hour long Meditation for Transmission of Siddha Energy for Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Empowerment... This Transmission Especially For Awareness of, and ability to Connect into the "Quantum Field"

Allows for the ability to draw on the resources offered by this "Field of Infinite Possibilities" for all kinds of Healing, Realizing our limitless dimensions of potential, receiving Super-Intelligent Guidance, Manifestation, Miracle Consciousness, Etc.

This "Quantum Field" or level of Reality existing as potency of pure potential literally offers resources of Infinite Possibilities. By that Pure Potency of Potential Power, and Under the Guidance of the Super Intelligent form of All Energy, Each one who participates in this Group Siddha Subtle Energy & Saktipat Empowerment Transmission can release whatever they are able to at this time which appears to obstruct the Wholeness of Well-Being, and Receive Which Ever Energy & Guidance is most perfect for them to receive to bring your Life up to a New Level of Wholeness, Fulfillment, & Well-Being!

Siddhi Activation With Mantra Affirmations & Mantra Overload Subliminal ($9 Value/Priceless)

The chant in this audio utilizes affirmations and mantra. This has been a powerful favorite of Darshan's for years. The basic chant you can hear is flexible, adaptable, and partly freestyle, but based on a core set of affirmations Darshan has been using for years.

This chant is a complete empowerment for total mastery. Programming the cells to vibrate with the frequency of the "secret golden elixir" of the five letter mantra Na Ma Si Vaa Ya, and om. (Om Namah Shivaya). Also activation of the "kaya kalpa immortal yoga body", and/or "rainbow light body".

The energy then moves to your auras and energetic field. Next chakra opening and alignment with empowerment in the "secret inner yogas of the Avadhuta, and The Shiva Bhakt Yogi. Then the affirmations involve activation of all levels of the mind with initiation into one pointed concentration, unbending intent, and Guru Yoga.

This is a really powerful audioo! It takes the chant Darshan has been using over the years to another level. Multiple layers of the affirmation and om namah sivaaya mantra combine simultaneously for overload hypnosis, and subliminal mind programming.

You can listen with or without headphones. It is a great Idea to listen on repeat, or in the background. For sleep programming, and also on a daily basis.

Even just listening to this once is very powerful but you will definitely notice amazing results with repetition!

"....The results are amazing. I have a feeling of peace for hours after listening to this. The Peace allows me to accomplish any task with ease. It also keeps positivity in the atmosphere. ...

Whenever I listen to this I feel a strong pulsing energy in my hands. It is extremely powerful and energizes my entire body. I feel all aches and pains melt and dissolve away. I feel the energy for 2 to three hours after listening to it..." -Sidharth Rajagopalan

These are just two of the Audio Mp3 Tracks you are going to get in this Bundle! We don't want to bore you reading when you can get started as soon as possible enjoying the benefits of your Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Energy Transmission Audios & Empowerment Overload Audios!

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PLUS With Limited Time Bonus Offer You Get the Upcoming Shaktipat Empowerment & Overload Empowerment Releases Included!!!

What People are Saying About these Quantum Siddha Shaktipat Empowerment Transmissions and Audios:

"This is priceless!!!! " -Yulia M

"....The results are amazing. I have a feeling of peace for hours after listening to this. The Peace allows me to accomplish any task with ease. It also keeps positivity in the atmosphere. ...

I have started to excel at whatever I do. I used to take a considerably long time to master a certain subject, but with this mantra that has gone away. I learn things 2 times faster and is 2 times better at those things. People are starting to notice a significant change in my demeanor as well. My laziness has faded away, and I am filled with vibrant energy. I used to love books but stopped reading them. I wanted to get back into reading but books never interested me. With this mantra, my deep love for books has resurfaced. This may seem insignificant, but I have tried to reinspire my passion for books for 3 years. Most of my bad traits have faded away, and only my good traits have surfaced. I used to lie constantly. Now I am proud to say that I say the truth 98 percent of the time, and am still improving. energy is slowly accumulating in my system, and I constantly find myself thinking of shiva. I have come to respect everything around me as connected with me.

Whenever I listen to this I feel a strong pulsing energy in my hands. It is extremely powerful and energizes my entire body. I feel all aches and pains melt and dissolve away. I feel the energy for 2 to three hours after listening to it. If I listen to this ten times in a row without stopping, my hands start shaking with energy. I am unable to hold anything and get shivers all across my spine and neck, with my head vibrating and swaying." -Sidharth Rajagopalan

"haavoooouuuo, , that was a huge relief and I am healed, I felt even my parents got healed.....Babajiiiii........ Om....... Om Shanti Shanthi" -Sandeep Narayan

"Ive only been recently introduced to the work of Darshan Baba and the Siddha Subtle Energy transmissions that he offers via video. What comes into focus for me in having experienced this work that he offers is the powerful transmission that is transferred in the participation of these videos. One can set the intention to be receptive of the energy, and allow it to come to them in whatever way is truly best for the individual. In doing this, rather than having a preconceived idea about what to expect from it, you may find yourself surprised at how the energy will work for you in your life. I highly recommend Darshan Baba's generous and integrative work. I have felt the power of the transmission both in my physical body, as well as in my emotional/spiritual body. He operates from a place of high integrity, and this shows in his offerings. I also have been pleasantly surprised at the introduction I have received to the Siddha Life Mastery Online School Course. The teachings are shared in a straight-forward and easy to understand way. this allows for the practice of the teachings to be immediately applicable in one's life, regardless of experience level. I am thankful to have found the wisdom of Darshan Baba to be both accessible and powerful in a practical way. A true teacher, and gift for this world." --Liz Moon

Limited Time Launch Price with Bonus Offer of ALL Future Releases! ONLY $27!

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Siddha Life Mastery - Darshan Baba

"The wisdom of Darshan Baba comes from the depth of his inner journey with single minded focus and seeking. After years of yogic discipline and mastery through dedication, he has so much to offer. His insights, guidance and wisdom is invaluable..." - Nandhiji Yogi

Darshan Baba has been studying subtle energy sciences and applying them in practice since childhood. He is an Initiate in Esoteric Lineages of ancient India, and is carrying advanced knowledge granted by Masters with incomprehensible levels of Attainment. He has a unique gift for revealing the secrets pointed out through the Ancient Wisdom teachings. Darshan's gift to explain the age old subtle wisdom teachings is based on deeper understanding gained through years of intensive practice and through his association with highly realized Masters.

Darsha Baba's training and experience includes but is not limited to:


  • Reiki Master & Teacher Training
  • 2 yr Energy Medicine program
  • Tai Ji and Chi Gong
  • Rose Healing
  • Amazonian Shamanic Healing
  • Quantum Light weaving
  • The Reconnection
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Quantum Matrix Arts
  • 1000 contact hour Integrative Medical Massage
  • Including 350 hours Holistic Health and Healing Arts
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP Practitioner

Yoga Sadhana/ Meditation:

  • Kriya Yoga,
  • Sri Vidya,
  • Siddha Maha Yoga,
  • Kundalini Shaktipat
  • Sahaja Meditation
  • Kalangi Kundalini Yoga from Tapasyogi Nandhi,
  • Mansa or Manasya Yoga,
  • Atma Vicara (Self-Inquiry Contemplation Method for Direct Self-Realization)
  • Literally Millions of Repetitions of Mantra Japa​

Limited Time Launch Price with Bonus Offer of ALL Future Releases! ONLY $27!

[Limited Time Offer!] Price Will Increase & Bonus Offer Discontinue

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DISCLAIMER: These Empowerment Overload Audios utilize Overload Hypnosis Technique for inducing altered or trance states, and positive subconscious mind suggestion through the overload of audible affirmations. All of these tracks transmit Quantum Siddha Energy as in a Healing Modality utilizing the Quantum Field. This Quantum Field Energy Work can and has been know as well to induce altered and trance states of consciousness... THEREFOR Please do not listen to these tracks while driving or operating other dangerous heavy machinery, or do so only at your own risk and liability!
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