Private Performances

Have Poe... will travel!

The Private Performance option is best for large groups who would not be able to see the show in our regular venue (which has a max audience capacity of 15).

Because "Shades of Poe" is a series of vignettes, it can be presented as a traditional stage show. Edgar Allan Poe still narrates and introduces the pieces, but the actors move on and off stage while the audience remains stationary.

The beauty of this performance is the staging: it can be performed anywhere! "Shades of Poe" has been performed on stage, in blackbox theaters, and in multipurpse rooms. Any performance space more than 10x10 feet is enough to accommodate each of our stories.

We offer this production at a flat rate of $850. And while some traveling productions don't allow you to sell tickets, or restrict what you can charge for tickets, we turn the ticketing entirely over to you. You can resell tickets to cover the production cost, or you can keep the event free for your audience- it's up to you.

If your space already has lighting and sound equipment, that's great! But if not, Fractured Mirror Productions can supply them, as needed, for a small fee.

Private on-site performances are perfect for schools, community groups, meetups, and book clubs. We are currently booking for October 2017, and the registration deadline is September 20th. We have a limited number of dates available, so don't wait! Contact us at and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.