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Club Branding Guidelines

In club correspondence and publications, the Club Name "San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club" should be set in the Ubuntu font, bold. It is acceptable to truncate the Club Name by shortening "San Francisco" to "SF" and/or "Lions Club" to simply "Lions", or "LC".

The secondary fonts for publications are Ubuntu Condensed (for subtitles) and Ubuntu Mono (for body text).

The alternative font set is PT Sans (titles) and Meriweather (body), as shown in this site.

The logo of the club for digital publications shall be the Lions Clubs International official logo, superimposed on the Golden Gate Bridge and Philippine sun, as shown.

Color Logo

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Marketing Communications Committee

The Marketing Communications Committee is a standing committee of the San Francisco Fil-Am Lions Club Board of Directors, charged with managing the public relations and social media efforts of the club. The current chair of this committee is Lion August Valera (LionAugust@icloud.com).