Water Learning Box


These materials were designed to support 2-5th grade San Francisco teachers in teaching water concepts such as: The Water Cycle, Water Conservation, Marine Pollution Prevention, and Healthy Ecosystems.

Follow this teacher guide to offer these digital learning materials remotely. Students can also take a virtual tour of the Garden for the Environment to reinforce these concepts.

Instructional water videos

Ask students to watch these videos in this order during each of the three units outlined in your teacher guide.

Closed captioning is available in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Before you start Video #1: Water on Earth: Click the following Kahoot! Game #1: and type in Game PIN: 02780007

Or use your notebook and write down, "What do you use water for?"

After video #2: Water Cycle: Play the following games:

Click here on Kahoot Game #2: and type in Game PIN: 03052248

Water Cycle Crossword Fun! — Test your students’ knowledge of Earth’s water resources and the water cycle by engaging them in this fun crossword puzzle.

After video #3: Pollution Prevention:

Join SF Environment’s mascot, Phoebe, on a crossword puzzle adventure to learn about responsible toxics disposal in San Francisco - Click here to play: Don’t Toss Toxics with Phoebe!

Factsheets & Activities

Ask students to read these factsheets and do these activity sheets alongside the units in the teacher guide.

Save Our Bay Vocabulary Slides

(Download and use before presentation)

Save Our Bay 4th Grade Vocabulary

Save Our Bay Presentation Slides

(Available for you to download and use)

20201110 Save Our Bay MUlTILINGUAL Slide Deck.pptx

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Students at Garden for the Environment Tour


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