Masks for Tribes

a Together on Turtle Island initiative

The impact of COVID19 on tribal communities in the United States is staggering.

In the United States, there are many indigenous tribes that are in need of masks to help limit the spread of the virus among the community. This grassroots effort seeks to provide reusable fabric masks for indigenous children directly. If successful, there is a plan to provide additional equipment or supplies in the future so that the communities can make their own masks without the need for outside support.

Thank you so much for caring for the Native American Community.

Help us get the word to other mask makers or donors for our shipping fund by sharing our website.

Do you have masks to donate?

Mask makers can print out a packing list and ship youth masks and adult masks. Masks need to be at least 2-layers and washable. Visit to find mask making tips and material information. Register to volunteer and when you're ready hit the Send Masks button to submit your information to receive a packing list and shipping label.

Join Sewing for Native Peoples to help get 60k masks to the Great Plains tribes. This request includes 20,000 kids masks and 40,000 masks for adults.

In need of mask making supplies?

Mask Makers, hit that request button to submit your information for fabric or kits to make 50 or more masks. You may also volunteer to prep kits by submitting your information to the Materials for Mask Makers form.

Want to donate materials for Mask Makers?

Cotton quilting fabric is needed to distribute to mask makers who are participating in this effort. Submit your information via our Send Materials form to be contacted to coordinate shipping or a local pickup. If your organization wishes to partner and provide a large amount of supplies, please contact us directly.

Don't sew?

Shop and send pre-made items directly from Amazon with our kids mask wishlist. Click on the button below!

Learn more about the various volunteer organizations involved at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in becoming a partner organization with this effort, please contact us.

Make an impact.

Join the Together on Turtle Island Initiative

We Need Your Support

Together on Turtle Island and Sewing for Native Peoples have collected and distributed thousands of kids masks for this effort so far to Oklahoma and Nevada. It costs about $1 per mask from materials to delivery and there are approximately 10k masks still needed for this effort. Shipping is a great expense in getting masks to the remote areas. Contact us about making a large donation of equipment or supplies to help make this effort a success.

Who are we?

Sewing for Native Peoples

Get on board with the dedicated Facebook Group for getting masks to tribes in the US.

Together on Turtle Island

We Have Masks

Work with the #MaskMakersCollective.

The Carolina Mask Project

Collaborate with the #CarolinaMaskMakers.
Special thanks to the Open Source Medical Supplies Community.