Sewing Face Masks Farmington Valley, CT

Welcome! This is an informational site for the Facebook group Sewing Face Masks - Farmington Valley CT.

With the increase in commercial PPE available and the peak of COVID-19 behind us, the group has slowed down on production. We are still taking requests, but please be patient, as it may take longer to complete masks. In addition, you may be asked to contribute funds to help purchase supplies for your requested masks.

Contact with questions.

Be respectful of our volunteers' time - if your organization has the funds to purchase masks commercially, please do so. This group was created to help those who don't have access to masks or can't afford to purchase masks for their organizations.

If you are already part of the group, use this to sign up to sew masks for an organization:

How to get started sewing:

  1. View our roundup of face mask patterns.

  2. Review the Frequently Asked Questions.

  3. Visit the Sign Up Spreadsheet to sign up to fulfill a request for masks from a local organization, in the quantity and style of their choice.

  4. When the masks are complete, contact the requestor to arrange pickup/drop off of their masks and mark as complete on the spreadsheet.


Our group is sewing homemade surgical face masks and N95 respirator covers for healthcare workers, first responders and other essential business employees in the Greater Hartford, CT area during this PPE shortage. As of 6/5, the total number of masks made has reached 32,000.

Disclaimer: We are not a medical professionals, just volunteers trying to fill a critical need in our community. We can't guarantee the safety/efficacy of these masks, but we hope they can help during this shortage. The patterns have not been "blessed"/approved by the CDC, as there are no official patterns, but they have been recommended by healthcare organizations/medical personnel.

Due to high demand and critical need from essential workers, we are not able to sew masks for members of the public.