Below is a list of documents settlement agents need to proceed with successful property settlement in Perth Western Australia. If your travel to get official witnessing of documents is difficult and or expensive, then getting your proof of identity (POI) and offer and acceptance signed and witnessed AT THE SAME time would halve your hassles and travel costs. Depending on whether the property is a going concern or not will depend on what documents are need. See our public disclosure statement (PDS).


Rather than discovering what conveyancing documents you need one at a time, it's good advice to ask your property settlement agent what are all of the documents required and what is the process of buying or selling property in Perth WA?

  1. Offer and acceptance contract. Signed by both buyer and seller.
  2. Sellers proof of identity (POI)
  3. GST and Withholding tax forms

If the property being sold is strata titled you'll also need these forms:

  1. Buying and Selling a Strata Titled Lot - Form 29.
  2. Disclosure Statement - Form 28.
  3. Strata Plan. Your property management / strata management company might provide this form for free. If not you can search, pay (the cheaper option) from
  4. Property title deed. If you lost your title deed, you can get a "duplicate title" deed from the Landgate office in Midland or the Landgate office, 200 St Georges Terrace, Perth CBD. Landgate want proof of identity when applying for a "duplicate title deed" but Landgate won't accept your PoID document but instead refer you to the $169 proof of identity service at Australia Post. If the property is owned buy a trust, proof of identity is required for EACH trustee. We were in this situation so "Liz Earnshaw " BA Grad Dip Bus, Licensed Conveyancer, Sure Settlements near the Midland Landgate office not only authorised both our identities for a lesser price than Australia Post but also provided in the price, a one stop shop, by successfully completing the Landgate "duplicate title deed" application form. We got Landgate to post the "duplicate title deed" back to Liz's office in a self address and stamped envelope because her fee for the next part - conveyancing is very affordable and her professionalism metits high recommendation as a settlement agent in Perth.


It's not a bad idea to upload signed documents to the cloud for cloud sharing with buyer and seller settlement agents. Eg Your PRIVATE Google Drive, property folder.


  1. From your settlement agent.
  2. From property lawyers in Perth.
  3. From real estate associations in Perth.