Servicing Fourche Creek Catchment -- Little Rock, Arkansas

An Arkansas Master Naturalist Initiative

Project Initiative

Servicing the Fourche Creek Catchment through volunteer efforts regarding litter and trash extraction, streambank and riparian restoration. 

 Arkansas Master Naturalists is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, volunteering to keep Arkansas in its Natural State

Effort 1 - Litter and Trash Extraction

For the period November 2020 - February 2023, Arkansas Master Naturalists and friends have extracted  22,000 pounds of litter and trash, 66% from two 100' trash booms, 33% from the 1,800 acres within the Fourche Bottoms wetland.

Effort 2 - Streambank Restoration

Due to increased urbanization within the far reaches of the catchment concrete, asphalt, and rooftops are dominating the landscape and changing the hydrology and therefore the downstream channel geometry. Many miles of stream banks are failing.

Effort 3 - Riparian Restoration

Three Little Rock Parks and Recreation golf courses within the Fourche Creek catchment were recently closed. CAMN plans to work with LRPR and AGFC Stream Team in restoring the riparian corridor in these parks.  

Effort 4 - Education and Outreach

CAMN is involved in numerous public education and outreach programs in the community.  We host guided floats through Fourche Creek educating citizens of all ages and promoting environmental sustainability.  

Fourche Creek Catchment

Fourche Bottoms

Needs -- Addressing issues and fostering awareness

Fourche Creek Catchment


City of Little Rock (red)

Fourche Creek watershed (black)

Fourche Creek and tributaries (blue)

Little Rock City Parks in Fourche Creek Catchment

Where trash booms can be located

Two presently located at Benny Craig Park 

 YouTube videos related to Fourche Creek

Google Map - Waypoint in the center of Fourche Bottoms

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$16,700, Arts Marine, on the lot

Sponsors & Supporters

Contact Reed Green (, Arkansas Master Naturalist, Central Chapter, for more information.