Graduate Students:

Research in my lab is primarily theoretical. I am, however, excited to provide integrated approaches to questions by combining mathematical with experimental, genetic, and comparative techniques through collaborations with students and colleagues. I therefore welcome students who wish to pursue theoretical work, empirical work, or a combination of each – however students planning a substantial empirical component to their research should plan to have a co-advisor (informal) in the department who uses empirical techniques. If your background in modeling is not yet strong, it is probably best to have this person be your primary advisor.

Prospective applicants with a primarily mathematical background should have a strong interest in evolution and be willing to do a lot of independent reading to fine-tune their abilities to pinpoint interesting biological questions.

My lab would be the most appropriate for students with the following interests:

    • Speciation
    • Mate choice
    • Evolution of behavior

Students with related interests are welcome to inquire (e-mail preferred) as well.

Prospective graduate students should apply through the Department of Biology, here.


Prospective postdoctoral applicant are encouraged to contact me to see if I currently have any openings. Funding for postdoctoral research that would enable the applicant to work in my lab is also available through the Spire Program.