SWR Timetable for Waterloo to Exeter

Revised timetable from 16th November to 11th December here.

Timetable from 12th December onwards here.

The new timetable offers the hourly service between Exeter and Salisbury, and on to Waterloo.


  • Three of the early morning weekday trains terminate at Basingstoke, with an onward connection to Waterloo.

  • The last departure (MF) from Waterloo to Exeter is at 20:20. The 22:20 and 23:40 (FO) services terminate at Yeovil.

  • The additional trains at peak hours between Axminster and Exeter St Davids will not run.

  • At weekends in November and December there is engineering work around Basingstoke.

NB: The attached timetables were issued by SWR on 16th November.

National Rail have published a timetable covering all GB routes from 12th December 2021 to 14th May 2022. You can download the entire timetable (68Mb) here.

The Waterloo to Exeter timetable is now No. 153 (having been No.160 for many years) and can be downloaded here. It (hopefully) matches the above Pocket Timetable. The most obvious change is that all SWR service from Salisbury to Bath and Bristol have been withdrawn.