Serenity Prayer For Alcoholism

The Serenity Prayer For Alcoholism

The serenity prayer itself is a written verse created by world-famous theologian, Mr Reinhold Nieburh. Although different versions of the same prayer exist, there is one particular verse that is widely accepted as the best-known type. It is written as follows:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”.

Although the prayer is widely regarded and used within Christian circles, and even throughout Catholicism and certain sects of Judaism – one particular use of its words has been increasing over the years, and that is to aid with rehabilitation.

The Serenity Prayer and Rehabilitation

Addiction to harmful substances such as narcotics and alcohol is on the increase, and in an effort to appeal to as many sufferers as possible, most rehab clinics will typically offer a range of treatment programs and systems.

Certain aspects of treatment will be fairly standard, such as detoxing from drugs, but there are alternative methods that can appeal to specific individuals such as meditation, counselling, and prayer.

Are All Serenity Prayer Based Rehab Methods Religious?

In these instances it’s not uncommon to find that the treatment program in question will possess a ‘religious-spin’, but not in a way that could be deemed intrusive and forceful – but one that can offer an addict a way to find peace and comfort in faith.

Origin Of The Serenity Prayer

The prayer itself was originally intended to act as a short verse to be said in times of trouble, and this is what led to it becoming so appealing to those suffering with addiction. Being able to cope with an addiction is one thing, but without the proper levels of support and guidance – even the most determined individual might fall short of their ambitions.

And that’s where the prayer comes in. In just three lines it does several things. First, it appeals to an almighty being, a creator if you will – and one that governs all things in the world. The prayer then goes on to request help in the form of courage to change the things that are in the individuals control; referring to their addiction.

Control & Acceptance in The Serenity Prayer

Lastly, it asks for wisdom in a way that would allow the addict to be able to control the things that they are able to, whilst accepting the things that they can’t.

Although there are other prayers and verses that are used during recovery programs within rehab clinics, this one is becoming more and more popular because of its ability to appeal to an individual. The things that one person desires may differ entirely from someone else in their position, and that’s the real beauty of this prayer – the fact that it relates to a broader range of wants and needs, offering support to people from all walks of life.

The prayer itself is of course at the cornerstone of Christian and faith based addiction treatment for both alcohol and drug abuse.

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