Final thoughts on the blog

Overall I think the experiment was pretty successful! I kind of fell off writing everything up/posting it for the latter half of the summer, mostly due to the fact that the bulk of my time was shifted towards working on my album and The Hex (video game). I've made huge progress on both of these, my album is all written and now in the mixing and mastering phase with the help of a couple friends. The game is scheduled for release this year, and I'm caught up with the developer on all things music and sound. Unfortunately I can't post about either of these or show work from them, so the gallery here may look a little sparse. I've also made a lot of progress on the short film score I'm working on. I think most importantly the blog helped keep me programming this summer which I had a lot of fun doing. The accountability aspect was also successful as I feel it pushed me to finish programming projects, but generally speaking, once I was working on the album and the game which I couldn't post specifics about, the public posting part fell off. Although, since It helped me with my original intentions to be more productive I don't feel that the lack of posting was an issue. Mostly It helped establish a model routine to follow for a good workday. Signing off


Programming Projects

"Color Palette Picker" image processing experiment

(Download Project Folder and see tutorial below, it may take a second to load)

Sample Image created with this program

Pixel replacement video experiment

Based on the same little algorithm from last week for pixel replacing based on color. Here it's used on a video in every frame, and instead of the user choosing colors, they're generated by the program (still a pallette of 8 colors - 4 random colors and their color compliments). The pixels are also rendered as spaced circles for the effect you see here. (it might be interesting to look at alongside the source video)

P5js visual experiments

Music Projects

Largo in C minor.pdf

The Finished Piano Piece from last week. And audio of me playing it (although it's my day off so I really just used the first take - it's kinda sloppy oh well (that's what the rubato marking is for right)

This is a clip of what I worked on for the film score this week. I combined elements of a suspenseful/horror buildup with a vintage inspired latin theme to fit some of the opening shots