The Summer Project 2017

Jonah Senzel

I'm Jonah Senzel, and this website is an experiment in productivity and the publicity of personal projects for the Summer of 2017. At the beginning of each Week I'll be posting what I want to get done, and at the end of the week I'll check back in, evaluate how I did, and post whatever projects i was working on. I'll adjust my weekly expectations of what I can get done based on what i finished the previous week. As of right now my plan is to work on the following projects each week

  • Ongoing work as the Sound Designer and Composer for the video game The Hex
  • Ongoing work on my upcoming solo album
  • One small music project
  • One small coding project
  • One step towards getting more jobs (I'm really interested in film composing at the moment, so probably poking around a bunch of film forums)

Things to keep in mind

  • This is just an experiment, and the point is to see how public accountability affects my work and productivity, If I find that it's having a negative impact on work I'll probably delete the site
  • I'm definitely not always going to finish everything I want to - that's ok