Sense to Synapse is an annual networking event for scientists conducting research on the biology of sensory transduction, subsequent neural processing and perception.

This is a unique opportunity to present your work in front of an expert audience!


Rudy Behnia (Columbia University, New York)

Priya Rajasethupathy (The Rockefeller University, New York)

Adrián Rodriguez-Contreras (The City College of New York, New York)

David Schneider (New York University, New York)


Maria Neimark Geffen (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Alipasha Vaziri (The Rockefeller University, New York)

Nathaniel Sawtell (Columbia University, New York)

Jorge Golowasch (NJIT/Rutgers, New Jersey)


Nicole Rust (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Gaby Maimon (The Rockefeller University, New York)

Larry Abbott (Columbia University, New York)

Sarah Woolley (Columbia University, New York)


Jeffrey Holt (Harvard University)

Vanessa Ruta (Rockefeller University)

Mike Shadlen (Columbia University)

Anthony Zador (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)


J. Anthony Movshon (New York University)

Elena Gracheva (Yale University)

Robert Datta (Harvard Medical School)

Martin Chalfie (Columbia University)


Jonathan Demb (Yale University)

Frederick Sachs (Buffalo University)

Glenn Turner (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

Ofer Tchernichovski (Hunter College/CUNY)

Jose L. Pena (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)


Anthony Zador (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)

Claude Desplan (New York University)

Robert LaMotte (Yale University)

Mala Murthy (Princeton University)

Dmity Ringberg (New York University)


Elizabeth Olson (Columbia University)

Stuart Firestein (Columbia University)

Eero Simoncelli (New York University)

M. Hakan Ozdener (Monell Center, Temple University)

A. James Hudspeth (Rockefeller University)

Ellen Lumpkin (Columbia University)

Sense2Synapse at the Rockefeller University 2018

Nicole Rust (UPenn) giving her keynote lecture 2017

Sense2Synapse organizers 2017

Claude Desplan (NYU) and Mala Murthy (Princeton) during a coffee break.