The Torque | A powerful and refined iteration of The Wrench


Cleaver | A dedicated TTF shooter with sights

Torque Pendant | Lost wax cast in solid bronze

3D Print

Vesa | Cranked up version of the Vesalius

BareBone | Skull ring for frameless shooting

Ten Ton Hammer | A pocketable hammer-grip design

Curvy Betty | The first 3D scanned slingshot

The Wrench | Inspired by common workshop tools

PenPouch | An elegant ammo magazine

Bugsy | The first printed slingshot


Summer Ale | English Oak carved in a neat cup shape

Slug | A sturdy frame with amazing texture

Popp Recurve | In love with the grain

Hazel | A robust natural frame

Chester | A natural frame for Blue Skeen

Cetacean | A natural flow of lines

Vesalius | A power-carved natural

EMframe | A carved side-shooter

BigToe | A compact carved natural for heavy elastics

Bandi | A classical shape for smaller hands

Acacia Avenue | A clean outline