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09-2018 Xiaozhuo Wei is on R/V Marcus G. Langseth, offshore Hawaii, participating in a seismic experiment led by Donna Shillington of LDEO. He also helped recover the OBSs deployed in an earlier cruise.

09-2018 Xueyang Bao and several other members built a mini supercomputer called Little Fe, and demonstrated it at the URI AI Lab ribbon cutting ceremony.

09-2018 Yang Shen started his visit at the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo as a visiting professor.

08-2018 Dr. Lei Shi of Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration joined the lab as a visiting scholar. Welcome!

08-2018 Dr. Haiying Gao's group visited the URI Seismolab on August 15 for the inaugural summer seismology conference.

08-2018 Ashton Flinders' paper on the Long Valley Caldera, CA was published in Geology (pdf).

07-2018 Yang Shen and Jiahang Li sailed on R/V KOK and deployed 12 ocean-bottom seismometers off the coast of Hawaii in an NSF RAPID response project to monitor aftershocks and lava-ocean entry. Read the blogs by Jiahang (Seven Days Offshore of Kilauea: Dockside in Honolulu, Deploying the Seismometers, and Ocean-Entry, Where the Lava Meets the Ocean!)

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Special Events

2018 Kilauea Earthquake and Eruption. In April 2018, the Kilauea summit lava lake catastrophically drained, sending magma to the Lower East Rift Zone where it began to erupt. This was accompanied by a dramatic increase in seismicity at the summit and surrounding regions. On May 4, a M6.9 earthquake occurred beneath the south flank, and since then thousands of aftershocks have been recorded. In collaboration with the Western Washington University and Rice University, we deployed 12 ocean-bottom seismometers (OBSs) offshore Kilauea to record the aftershocks and hydro-acoustic activities at the lava entry. Stay tuned for updates.

2017 North Korean Nuclear Test. On 2017-09-03, North Korea conducted a nuclear test measured magnitude 6.3, its largest test to date (read more).

June 2013 Meteotsunami on the U.S. East Coast. Tsunami waves generated by an eastward-moving severe weather front hit the U.S. East Coast on June 13, 2013, causing minor property damages and injuries (read more).

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The Seismology Lab uses seismic waves to investigate the structure and dynamics of the Earth's interior and applies research in understanding earthquake and volcanic hazards and monitoring underground nuclear tests. We deploy seismometers on the ocean floor or on land, often in remote areas such as the East Pacific Rise, Iceland, Tibet, and Solomon Islands. We develop and apply advanced methods based on simulation of wave propagation in 3D Earth models. We invite highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars to join our Lab. For inquiries, please contact seismlab@gmail.com.

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IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology), USGS Earthquake Catalog

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