Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO)

SEHO aims to promote the field of Household Economics, which encompasses all decisions made by households at both the micro-economic and macroeconomic level (Grossbard, 2015). It includes health, nutrition, eldercare, and risky behaviors; fertility, childcare, and household production of human capital; domestic violence and well-being of persons living in households; gender; consumption, savings and wealth accumulation; labor supply and other time uses; household formation (including marriage, cohabitation) and dissolution for heterosexuals and same-sex partners; household finances; migration; and intergenerational transfers.

The 1st annual Meeting of the Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO) was held in San Diego, California, USA in 2017; the 2nd Meeting in Paris, in 2018; the 3d Meeting in Lisbon, in 2019; the 4th Meeting in Venice, in 2020, was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic; the 5th Meeting was held in Boston, in 2021; the 6th Meeting in London, in 2022; the 7th Meeting in Copenhagen  in 2023; the 8th meeting will be held in Singapore in 2024; and the 9th in Zaragoza in 2025. 

SEHO also organizes an AEA ASSA session each year starting January 2025!  

SEHO Executive Commitee includes (see SEHO bylaws on election rules):

SEHO has currently over 400 members (see SEHO bylaws)

SEHO annual meeting programs

2017 SEHO meeting San Diego Program

2018 SEHO meeting Paris Program

2019 SEHO meeting Lisbon Program

2020 SEHO meeting Venice Program

2021 SEHO meeting Boston Program

2022 SEHO meeting London Program

2023 SEHO meeting Copenhagen Program

SEHO Board members, whose membership expires on May 2024, and will not be replaced  SEHO Board having been suppressed, to be  replaced by a larger executive committee with a larger number of elected members (see SEHO bylaws) include:

Twitter connected to SEHO or REHO (the Review of Economics of the Household):

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