The Works Of Rev. Dr. Hugo Holmesnow

What Is Wrong With You? An Introduction To What Is Wrong With You.

Have You Ever Wondered “What Is Wrong With Me?" Of Course You Have

What is wrong with you? How come all of your dreams and desires are unfulfilled? When will it be YOUR turn to find love and success? Probably never, unless you buy this book.

You see, you cannot obtain your dreams and goals when there are so many things wrong with you. You can not fix what is wrong with you until you know what is wrong with you.This book will show you that. It will tell you all about the many things that are wrong with you and how you must have help fixing them.

Are you ready to get started learning why you constantly fail? Is it difficult to look deep within myself and be honest about my shortcomings? What if I don't have a real desire to go through the difficult process of personal growth but just want to FEEL like I am doing something about my mess of a life?

What is Wrong With You? An Introduction to What is Wrong With You will explain that what is wrong with you is more complex than you could ever conceive of. You have so many problems, only this book can help you resolve those issues. You will learn that finding out what is wrong with you is easier and less expensive than you think!

Read What is Wrong With You? An Introduction to What is Wrong With You now and start knowing what is wrong with you today! $0.99 for Kindle & $6.99 in paperback. Available at Amazon

Conquer Your Dreams

Are your dreams keeping you up at night?

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Stop Wasting Your Life on Dreams.

In this book we will explore your dreams and you will learn how they are trying to kill you.

This book will cause you to become uncomfortable. You will be sore in unfamiliar places. This is normal, do not recoil in horror and withdraw from this books probing touch. If you want to evolve, you will allow it to make you uncomfortable, and you will be OK with that. You will allow this book to probe you in those places you have been trying to hide. You know you must allow this probing. Let it take place. You will feel better.

I am not perfect, I have dreams to conquer as well. I am a wounded healer. That is the most marketable kind. That means I know how to cure your soul illness because I also have a soul illness. The only difference is my illness compels me to write self help tomes full of wisdom (such as this one you are currently holding.) while your sickness compels you to seek the approval of others.

I am The Rev. Dr. Hugo Holmesnow and I exist to help you. I may not be perfect but I am close enough for your purposes.

When you buy Conquer Your Dreams you will learn how to:

Conquer your dreams and accomplish your goals.

Isn't that enough for a book to do to you?

I think you agree that it is!