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Shady figures behind the scenes were scrambling to keep this formula hidden to protect the profits of the pharma and weight loss industries…but a maverick Japanese doctor recently leaked the secret ingredients of an ancient Japanese herb mix that targets the root cause of deep belly fat and activates a powerful little-known fat-burning hormone inside you…that MELTS away all your stubborn body fat. Of course a diet, weight loss suplements, tonics, smoothies and meal plans can all work wonders but your body has to learn to work proficiently.

If you drive a mini-van full of bricks for instance, it well feel exactly that. Remove the bricks and the minivan will feel like a race car. Of course it is not a race car, it is still a minivan. but work on the engine, suspension and brakes and soon you have a minivan that can make Mustang drivers raise an eyebrow.

Your body is the same. You can lose the weight. you will feel fantastic, maybe sleep better and you will feel fitter because you aren't carrying around those bricks. But now your body needs to strengnthen and burn the fat on a regular basis as you consume your food and relax on your diet later on.

This secret Japanese Herbal mix has been kept a secret for 300 years. Alos a recent discovery at the Universityy of Alberta found that overweight people have high levels of toxic lipid molecules called "Ceramedes"

These foreign compounds force fat cells to spill into the bloodstream after you eat. The toxic fat can accumulate around your liver, pancreas, heart and other vital organs, including your arteries.

When these vital organs are clogged with fat your metabolism slows down to a crawl and your fat burning hormones almost shut down.

Some processed foods have preservatives that cannot be digested well and allow more fat to deposit on your back, buns, thighs and hips.

The good news is, there is a way to target ceramedes and dissolve dangerous fat from around your organs fast....turning your body into a calorie burning, fat-burning machine 24/7.

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Ignite Sunrise Drops is derived from an ancient amazonian morning ritual that seems to incinerate fat.

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INGREDIENTS: Ketone, L- Carnitine, L- Arginine hydrochloride, Mango, Raspberry, Creen tea, Ginger, Dandelion, Garcinia cambogia, Ginseng Demineralized Water, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors.

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