Security <Leaders> Round Table

Michael Melore, a Nationally recognized Cybersecurity Ambassador began regional grassroots no cost/non sales SecRT - Security (Leaders) Round Tables across the US with CISOs and Security Leaders in July 2019.  Note these round tables are “not” organized in a vendor capacity, and vendors participating on the round tables are contributing to the conversations as thought leaders, not sales. Michael Melore (SecRT organizer) keeps the intended discussions on point and on time, and serves as the Nationwide administrator. All of the members and volunteer hosts are in essence chapter leaders. In fact the whole concept of a "Round Table" reference vs a rectangular "Board of Advisors" table concept (head of the table) serves these leader forums well.  

Michael Melore also performs the duties of gaining consensus on next topics of interest, reviewing attendee availability, maintaining the private membership contact lists, initiating private communications toward RSVP's (required for most host's visitor management, and when we resume face to face gatherings), selection of hosts and hosting sites for future round tables. There are 26 SecRT groups Nationwide, with more than 1900 Security Executives as opt-in members.

While any industry/government executives may participate, many round table thought leader members have arrived from Healthcare, Life Sciences, Higher Education, City, State and Federal Government. Some chapters include consulting organizations as fellow thought leaders. There are no vendor presentations, products or services positioned by any members during the sessions. The round table value is specifically in the networking and active collaboration around security topics of interest, and member discussions around challenges, and/or avoidance of such, and perspectives.

Round table logistics:

• Round tables are currently hosted virtually until we may resume on-site hosted collaborative meetings. While it's understandable member video cameras can not always be on practically in our work and social lives, the culture and spirit of collaboration are that a best effort is made for camera's on whenever it's possible.

• Virtual and on-site round tables may be hosted by members interested and volunteering for the role. When on-site sessions are resumed, hosts interested in volunteering their site may do so, it is not mandatory for all members to host a round table.

• Hosts may at their own discretion, choose to provide very light fare food/beverages such as coffee and pastry. Or another member may choose to facilitate light fare food. There may be Government Owned Entities participating in the round tables with amenities constraints so the food/beverages should never be more in value than low cost coffee and pastry/donuts. Members may decline the food offered or choose to bring their own coffee/water and food to the round tables.

• Since Pandemic the round tables have been hosted virtually via Web meetings. The web meetings open for casual chat at least 15 minutes prior to the official round table introductions starting at 8:00AM local times into topic and conclude by 9:30AM local times.  Some regional groups (or hosts) may sometimes request different start times. In such cases, the suggestion will be communicated to members privately for a consensus.

• When Round tables may resume on-site within member conference rooms, hosts may require RSVP pre-registration visitor's contact information to satisfy their organization’s visitor management policies.

• A private/unlisted LinkedIn group is available exclusively for SecRT members wishing to participate on out of region SecRT round tables, socialize events they may champion, speaking engagements, and when members may be seeking speakers, panelists, volunteers etc.

• Round tables are typically hosted in 2-3 month periods, and attendance is not mandatory. Members that wish to be removed from the privately managed mail list may request removal at any time.

• While many round table chapters exceed 50 opt in members, the expectation is to eventually resume in person meet ups, suitable for most host's larger conference room capacities. At that time the host’s can determine the number of guests wished, and in such cases once the RSVPs satisfy the host's capacity limit, the event registrations can be closed. There's also the thought of future hybrid sessions.

Note: Prior to the Pandemic situation we faced, sessions were intentionally not hosted over web conferencing or web meeting venues for the spirit of collaboration. We encouraged in person engagement, and hosted sessions regionally. In the interim they are hosted virtually over Web meetings and members from all chapters are welcomed and encouraged to attend other regional round tables remotely when available.

Membership inquiries can be directed to: