Examples from recent & ongoing work

Working papers and selected work in progress 

In the past years, my research has been focusing on the following topics...

Evaluation & design of energy and climate policies  

Environmental taxes (carbon pricing, pollution taxes) and emissions trading systems

Instrument choice & policy design (market-based policies, sectoral & technology policies, command-and-control instruments)

Distributional impacts of climate & energy policy

Interactions between environmental and fiscal policies

De-carbonization of electricity markets and the economics of renewable energy support

Carbon leakage

Co-benefits of climate policies

...developing and applying quantitative methods from (1) computational & empirical economics and (2) applied economic theory: 

Dynamic and static economic equilibrium models (partial and general equilibrium models, growth models, OLG models)

Mathematical programming methods

Energy optimization and energy market models

Modelling energy supply & demand in economy-wide and partial equilibrium models (integrating "top-down" economic and technology-rich "bottom-up" energy models, decomposition methods)

Machine learning, causal inference, and policy evaluation

Modelling household heterogeneity and micro-simulation models