The Colour of Death

pub Sept 2018

Seb Foxley has been forced to flee medieval London to escape his enemies and find a safe haven in an isolated village. Yet this idyllic rural setting has its own murderous secrets and a terrible crime requires our hero to play the sleuth once more.

Even away from London, Seb and Emily are not safe as their enemies are closer than they know and danger lurks at every turn.

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Foxley is a real isolated village in the county of Norfolk in the east of England - the Foxley name for my hero came first but then I discovered one or two villages in England with the same name - but on a visit we discovered that the beautiful medieval parish church contained a wonderful secret.

A rare, 15th century rood screen survived the reformation and this Foxley had to be Seb's family home.

And with further amazing synergy, the local manor was owned in Seb's day by the Grey family, Earls of Kent, who son's married Queen Elizabeth Woodville's sisters - the nemesis of the Foxleys.