Web Design Services

Why we will Rock for You:

Seattle and the Northwest boasts hundreds of Seattle web design and digital marketing agencies. You want to invest your marketing budget in an agency that has a proven track record (cough, cough - that’s us!), deep knowledge and up-to-the-minute expertise in the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape (yeah, that’s still us!).

You've only got 8 seconds to grab — and hold — a visitor's attention on your website.

At Fingerprint Marketing, our website designers have a serious knack for turning the blah into head-turning, trusted brands and online presences that dominate their markets.

According to the guys at Microsoft, we have a shorter attention span than goldfish (those little guys have 9 seconds)! What does your website design say in 8 seconds? How does it make someone feel in 8 seconds? I know, I know - you can’t even grab a Starbucks in 8 seconds, but these are the hard facts.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Seattle Web Design

I know I said you only have eight seconds to grab the user’s attention before, but you have only four seconds on mobile. That’s why we make you the go-to choice with cutting edge website design and words that make people be like “yeah, this is the one.” Maybe you won’t put a ring on it immediately, but at least you’ll get a first date — a form filled, a call made, a relationship formed.

How Much Does a Website REALLY Cost?


Being masters at building incredible websites that catapult businesses into the stratosphere, we are often asked “How much does a website cost?”

This question is also one of the most highly searched on the internet. From the solopreneur to major, worldwide companies — everyone wants to know what they’re going to have to pay for a good website.

This seemingly simple question isn’t always answered easily.

There’s so much more we need to know about your business before we can provide an accurate quote to design, create, and launch a website that will be one of the best investments you ever make and one of your greatest assets.

Because we get that question so often and we know there’s no one simple answer, a few weeks ago we posted a fun little blog post about it. You can link to it at the bottom of this post.

In that blog, we talked all about the value of a good website and what it can do for your business. We mentioned the fact that anywhere from 50 to 90% of potential customers will check you out online BEFORE they visit your business. We also made an obvious point that if you do business online, the power of a powerful website is well, powerfully obvious…!

We did quote a price range in actual dollars, albeit very vaguely. We didn’t want to scare anyone away with numbers like $5,000-$50,000.