You have suffered a bereavement and want to bury the deceased at sea? As experienced and sensitive morticians, we advise and support you in your difficult time. Our preferred areas for a burial at sea are the Baltic Sea and North Sea, but if the deceased had a connection to the Mediterranean, then the Mediterranean also existed. Of course, we also carry out burials at sea worldwide on request.

Burial at sea not only offers the comforting thought of finding one's final resting place in the element of the origin of all life, but is also popular in the North Sea and Baltic Sea because of its tangible financial advantages, after all, the bereaved don't have to pay permanent expenses for cemetery and grave care.

Burial at sea is always preceded by cremation. Burial at sea has been possible in Germany since 1934. With this type of burial, the ashes of the deceased are given to the water in a special urn made of high-resolution materials.

In general, you can choose between an accompanied burial at sea and an unaccompanied or silent burial at sea.

After the burial on the high seas, the shipping company will give you a nautical chart with the coordinates so that you can visit this place at any time later.

We are not only undertakers at sea, but also masters, so we also offer you the burial of the deceased dog, cat or beloved bird. The ashes of the deceased pet can also be entrusted to the sea with the ashes of the deceased, a unique way to be forever reunited with the animal companion beyond death. If you opt for a joint burial at sea, the sea burial of your faithful companion is free of charge, you only have to pay the cost of cremation in an animal crematorium.

The costs for a burial at sea, i.e. the transfer of the urn from the crematorium to the shipping company, with subsequent burial without relatives are currently €499 in the Baltic Sea and €599 for the North Sea, each including 19% VAT (as of 29.07. 2023)

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