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For press inquiries about artificial intelligence, data science, and/or psychological science, please contact seanwojcik -at-

Below is a collection of links, video clips, and other media coverage for my scientific and non-academic work.

Our team's research on political reasoning was the #1 story on Reddit, April 2019.

Featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in a segment about misleading science journalism.

Press for data science projects:

APA Monitor (Jan. 2022) + APA Monitor (Nov. 2018) + Popular Science (Jan. 2017) + Media Post (Dec. 2016) + Media Post (Nov. 2016) + Upworthy Insider (Nov. 2016) + Yahoo! Finance (Nov. 2016) + Reddit AMA (Oct. 2016) + Upworthy Insider (Sep. 2016) + SXSW (Mar. 2016) + Upworthy Insider (Aug. 2015)

Press for Gampa*, Wojcik*, et al, 2019: "Ideological reasoning: Ideology impairs sound reasoning", SPPS.

ScienceDaily + PsychCentral + + Reddit


Press for Jones et al., 2016: "Tweeting negative emotion:  An investigation of Twitter data in the aftermath of violence on college campuses," Psychological Methods.

UCI News (Aug. 2016)

Press for Wojcik et al., 2015: "Conservatives Report, but Liberals Display, Greater Happiness," Science.

NY Times (2) + NY Times (1) + FiveThirtyEight + Time Magazine

New Yorker + LA Times + Washington Post + Chicago Sun Times

Fox News + CBS News + NBC News + ABC News

Pacific Standard + US News and World Report

Business Insider + Business Standard

Science Daily + Science AAAS + Reason + UCI Press

Press for Lai et al., 2014: "Reducing implicit racial preferences: I. A comparative investigation of 17 interventions", Journal of Experimental Psychology: Gen.

Boston Globe + Forbes + National Public Radio + Jezebel


Press for Kwan et al., 2012: "Effects of Symptom Presentation Order on Perceived Disease Risk", Psychological Science.

Newsweek Magazine + Fox News Channel + The Huffington Post