Types 種類

There are many types of security cameras, for examples household used IP cameras, more advanced CCTVs with DVR.

Different cameras suit for different needs. If you are looking for to protect your more valuable belongings, I guess a more advanced CCTV system is better than a household used IP cameras.

在這世界上有不同種類的閉路電視,例如:在家用的 IP 攝像頭,又或者比較進階有中央視訊攝錄功能的CCTV。


Facial recognition CCTVs 人臉識 CCTV

This is probably newest type of the CCTV cameras in the market. It used a face recognition technology to detect human faces and potential threats.

這大概是最新的 CCTV 閉路電視 種類。它內置人臉識別技術,讓系統可以準確識別人臉及察覺可能發生的危險。