Success Stories

Success is not necessarily defined as leaving the program with full-time employment, though that IS the ultimate goal. Success can also be leaving to educational or training opportunities, improving your housing and transportation situations, having a new bank account, or anything else that improved your quality of life while navigating our program. We want you to leave the program feeling better about yourself and with improvement than when you started with us. Success comes in many forms!

We like to recognize those who have left successfully with full-time employment. Our most recent graduates are:

Brad M.

Brad participated in the program for less than one month when he was able to go to truck driving school where he successfully obtained his Class A license. Due to this success, he did not have a need to return to the program as he obtained full time employment almost immediately after school!

Matthew H.

Matt utilized our program consistently and with expertise for about four months. His skills were quickly recognized by his Work Crew Supervisor and he was made a Crew Lead. He held that position for almost his entire time with us. Matt has moved on to become the foreman of a construction crew and will be making over $90,000 a year! He attributes his successes to B2W where he was able to pay down debt and obtain permanent housing which led to this great new job.

Shakira A.

When Shakira came to us at the end of April, she was living in her car. By the end of August, she was in her own place with full time employment at Dexcom.

Josh K.

Josh had an extremely short stay with the B2W program. His few days of employment allowed him to make enough to keep him going while he waited on backgrounds and interview results. Ultimately, he was hired on with Closs Marine, LLC where he is making $22 per hour.

Brian P.

In just about two months, Brian was able to obtain full time employment in the building and construction trade. His new job relocated him to Madera, CA where he was able to be reunited with his parents. If not for B2W, Brian may not have obtained this new job!

Dustin D.

Due to his time in the program, Dustin was able to obtain full-time employment with Grocery Outlet. Good Job, Dustin - and good luck!

Emmanuel G.

Emmanuel was with us for a very short time before he got picked up by Congrats, Emmanuel!

Sung K.

After his time with us, Sung was able to get his Guard Card, passed his Live Scan, and joined the GMI Security Team!