Call for Papers

Overall advice

The title of the conference is "Performance in Education: Research and Practice," so presentation submissions should be relevant to the elements of the title; that is, they should be about performance, education, research, and practice.

You may submit as many proposals as you like, but because of the particular system being used, you need to submit them one at a time. We suggest all people submitting to first write all the personal and presentation details in a word processing document first, then copy and paste the details into the online submission form. That way you have a record of your title/s and abstract/s, and if you submit several proposals, you will not have to re-input your personal details.

types of presentations

  • Short presentation on practice (25 minutes)
  • Long presentation on practice (55 minutes)
  • Short presentation on research (25 minutes)
  • Long presentation on research (55 minutes)
  • How-To Workshop on practice (85 minutes)
  • How-To Workshop on research (85 minutes)
  • Poster presentation on practice (85 minutes)
  • Poster presentation on research (85 minutes)
  • Research Audition (10 minute PechaKucha-style presentation on a research project+10 minutes Q&A by expert panel + 10 minutes expert advice on research)
  • Performance (5-10 minutes)
  • Student Showcase Exhibition & Performances

Practice submissions

  • Click HERE for Advice on Giving a Presentation on Practice
  • Click HERE to submit a proposal on Practice

research submissions

  • Click HERE for Advice on Giving a Presentation on Research
  • Click HERE to submit a proposal on Research


Click HERE to submit a proposal for a performance. Perfomances can be done by students (solo or group), teachers (solo or group), or a group of students with teachers.

deadline may 15, 2019

But the earlier you submit a proposal, the earlier you will receive confirmation!

  • June 20-23, 2019, Summer Language Teaching symposium/4th Annual SD&D Conference in Okinawa, Naha, Okinawa
  • Early September 2019. Performance in Education Conference. Ito, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Tentative)
  • February 1-2, 2nd Annual SD&D Conference in Sapporo (Tentative)

JALT Speech, Drama, & Debate SIG Conference

Performance in Education: Research and Practice