April 24-25, 2021 / virtual / Register here

Please visit our new website at www.Scrum-Con.com.

The site you are currently at will remain online as a historical record of past Scrum Cons, but all future Scrum Con updates and news as of March 27, 2021 can be found on our new site.

Scrum Con 2021 will be held virtually this year, and game registration is currently open at our new site.

We will resume the physical convention in February 2022 at the Silver Spring Civic Center.

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Scrum Con 2020 registration is now open at Tabletop Events!

When you register, we highly encourage you to also claim tickets for whatever games you want to play. Doing this when registering gives you the best chance at getting into specific games if you have a particular GM or genre that interests you. That said, all of our GMs this year are putting on fantastic games, and we are confident that you'll have a great time regardless.

So, register for a badge, get tickets for some games, and then mark your calendar for Saturday February 29, 2020 for a full day of great gaming at the spacious, beautiful Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza in downtown Silver Spring.

To stay up to date on developments and surprise announcements, we strongly encourage you to sign up to the email list below (and leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions). Scrum Con 2019 was a grand time for us, and we hope to see you again as we grow it into something bigger and better in 2020. Thanks for your interest and support!

Read about the great games for SCRUM CON 2020 at Tabletop Events!

Here's what attendees said about Scrum Con 2019...

"It was great. Had a lot of fun. Inspired me to try being a DM for a small group of friends."

"I played in the best con game I've ever played in!"

"...a nice selection of games."

"Well run...Nicely labeled tables, friendly staff."

"The flea market went very well!"

"I'll be back next year!"

"...everyone was having a good time, which is the goal. I think the Scrum Team tapped into a market for gaming in the area."

"Lot of fun, and great con....Hope to see it grow!"

"It was a great group of people. Mature gamers having fun, and no 'Game Store Egos' or nonsense to deal with. So refreshing. Thanks for a great day."

"I liked having the mini games there, and would like to try one next time!"

"I loved it...the event was excellent and a success."

"I had a great time and hope to run a game at Scrum Con 2020."

"This was an excellent small con...hope it went well for the organizers!"

"Great job. Everything was super well-organized. Had a wonderful time."

A video on Scrum Con 2019 by the YouTube channel Tankard Talk

Photos from Scrum Con 2019

The Second Saturday Scrum Club organizes and hosts Scrum Con. You can learn more about the club, its members, and their various contributions to the miniatures and role playing game hobbies here.

Photos below from various Second Saturday Scrum Club games and con appearances

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