MABS 101-Spreadsheets for Business/Excel

Online Sections 931 and 932

CRNs 72107 and 78316

This is a fully online (3 units) course; student-instructor and instructor-student contact (email, online discussion boards or other asynchronous communication, online chat or other synchronous communication. In addition the interactive course training, there will be group problem-solving exercises/discussions, and timed mid-term and final examinations.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Plan and design an Excel worksheet
  • Create formulas with multiple operators and range name in Excel
  • Choose appropriate functions to solve common business problems using Excel
  • Plan, design, edit and enhance an Excel chart
  • Design and create Excel macros to automate tasks


ADVISE: BSMA 66 or 68


The software used is Excel 2019 and is free of charge for all CCSF students. Chrome Browser is necessary for this class.

Semester: Fall 2019 – September 3rd – December 20th

Stephanie C. Rosenberg, Instructor


Voicemail: (415) 701-2724

Office Hours: Online or by Appointment


Cirrus Benchmark Series Microsoft Excel 365

2019 Edition, Levels 1 & 2 with

Cirrus Access Code Card and Print Textbook

Rutkovsky, Roggenkamp, Rutkovsky

Paradigm Education Solutions

ISBN 978-0-76388-806-0

Available at Ocean Campus Bookstore or

Special publisher online pricing - $101.95 + shipping

Order link to be added by August 15th