2019 Greater

Phoenix Scriptorium

In the centuries between Christ and the modern era, God raised up believers to preserve hand-written copies of His precious Word from the dangers of tyrannical governments, ignorance, and neglect. These scribes copied the Scriptures in a room called the “Scriptorium,” and they passed on the fruits of their labors to future generations—Biblical manuscripts faithfully recorded and painstakingly copied.

In the tradition of those who dedicated themselves to transmit God’s Word faithfully, we are gathering those who desire to faithfully speak God’s Word. Believers will come together to recite God’s Word for one another’s encouragement.

Scriptoriums happen each year all around the country. For information about the other Scriptoriums, please visit www.scriptoriums.com.

At the 2019 Greater Phoenix Scriptorium, recitations will come from the book of Romans. We invite you to join us in reciting and listening to the Word of God!

The book of Romans is truly a wonderful book. In his preface to the book of Romans, Martin Luther wrote this:

"This letter is truly the most important piece in the New Testament. It is purest Gospel. It is well worth a Christian's while not only to memorize it word for word but also to occupy himself with it daily, as though it were the daily bread of the soul. It is impossible to read or to meditate on this letter too much or too well. The more one deals with it, the more precious it becomes and the better it tastes."

That says it better than I ever could. I personally fell in love with the book of Romans a few years back and have studied it in depth many times over since then. Last year, I began the challenge of memorizing it word for word, as Martin Luther suggested that every Christian do. And I have found, as he stated, that it becomes more precious and tastes better the more one deals with it. I pray you'll be blessed by our study and memorization of the book of Romans as well.

May Christ be magnified!

Kyle Tappendorf

2019 Scriptorium Host