How to Get Out of the Friend Zone (The Scrambler Technique)

By J.J. Forsberg (Updated June 7th, 2021)

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone? The Scrambler Technique was developed by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. It's a step by step process that essentially "scrambles" a girl's mind into perceiving a man as "higher value" than she previously did. The technique focuses on how to get out of the friend zone and change the dynamic between a nice guy and his crush.

For that situation- I've used it, it worked to surprising effect and I'll give you my story below. It's a step by step strategy for how to get out of the friend zone fast.

I'll walk you through all the mistakes I was making on text specifically- because texting is the foundation of how a woman perceives you. Hopefully it will give you some added tips and tricks and you can apply it to your own situation.

And while each guy probably thinks his situation is unique or his girl is different. Experience and testing have shown me that this is not the case.

Every girl falls into repeatable behavior and this is good because with a system and practice any guy can get the edge he is looking for. You have to being right from the first text conversation with a girl.

The scrambler is going to help you become more out of reach than you normally give yourself credit for. So a subtle but important mindset shift takes place through incremental action.

You are changing the way a girl looks at you and you are also changing the perception of your own self worth. And that creates a feedback loop and will help build your confidence and ultimately get out of the friend zone.

So getting out of the friend zone is it's own animal which the scrambler technique is going to help you with but it was designed to help you attract and sleep with any woman you're interested in. It's as close to an evil scheme as you're going to get.

The best part is that, she'll think it's her idea to let you out of the friend zone.

How do you use the Scrambler Method? And how I used it to Get Out of the Friend Zone with a Baddie

A core concept of the scrambler is about getting the power back with girls. And this is a common situation that many guys find themselves in over and over again until they apply the concepts in this course.

Now these guys were just average guys in college when they started researching repeatable behavior with women. Both were psychology and English majors and they immediately started applying these techniques with girls they were having trouble with. And with trial and error they came up with a system. Your own situation is no different- regardless of age of type of girl. Your situation is your dating laboratory. So lets get started-

Before I studied the scrambler technique- I had some success with girls- probably better than most, but I found a lot of the hottest girls were slipping through my fingers. So I had a lot of room for improvement. So- I met this girl who was a promo model for Monster Energy and she was super confident and outgoing after just getting a new set of implants. I got her number after a few minutes of chatting and left because I was super nervous and felt I would do more harm than good if I continued to stay and talk. In fact, I know many times, I had asked for a girl's number and talked my way right out of her bed as I stayed and tried to keep a boring conversation afloat.

By doing this - I had already separated myself from a lot of guys by not giving her unending attention right out of the gate.. This is where I just started implementing the scrambler- step by step.

Now if we're talking about a girl you already know and have expressed needy behavior- here are a few tips you can start to implement.

Here's the first- Ask her to do a favor for you. It doesn't have to be some huge item but it does need to take away from her day in some way. It creates a feeling investment on her end. It's counter-intuitive but it is grounded in human psychology. It's the exact opposite of what she is used to from "nice guys"- which is giving her gifts and doing favors for her. That's what she is used to. This will go a long way to helping you retain some power in the relationship.

It's a well know fact that when you do more for someone- subconsciously she will start to believe that she must be doing it because she likes you. And that is a real advantage over a guy continually investing in her even as she is running away.

Everything in life happens on the margin- meaning even a slight advantage can turn around your state of mind. Just like one turnover can change the outcome of a football game.

It's important to give time constraints to every activity or phone call to create the impression of scarcity. You have to maintain control of "time power" Otherwise you will be susceptible to her continually using you as an option and canceling plans.

The Friend Zone Escape Artist

Now when I asked out Jessica- my real motivation was to try and build up rapport from scratch just through text and get her out on a first date.

Since I am introverted, working off text to build rapport and sexualize the encounter works perfectly. But you have to use a sequence otherwise this can backfire.

You have to flirt, create attraction, and be confident- that's how you escape friend zone? But what exactly do you do. Most guys have no idea.

There are a few texting errors you need to avoid or they will disqualify you and you'll have to work very hard and be super disciplined to get out of the hole you dug. For instance, you want to avoid being a goofball on text and you want to avoid showing her too much attention. You want to walk a fine line and deploy a specific strategy of hot and cold.

Texting is the transition from getting a girl's number to getting a date. It's essential that you master texting skills and strategies to give you and edge. First, you want to avoid dozens of mistakes which are all outlined in the Key Lock Sequence. Next, you want to send her an emotional text that captures her attention. This sets a flirty tone from the outset. Then you create a text that sparks an emotional connection and finally imprints the idea of sleeping with you in her mind.

Sometimes when a guy finds himself in the friendzone- his only weapon to find his way out is to use text. This is because the girl may have lost attraction and be avoiding him since he was asking for a date or to hang out.

In most cases, another guy is in the picture or about to be in her life and using text is your main way to rest the dynamic.

So texting is a core dating skill these days and maybe the most important skill. It factors heavily into how a woman perceivers you and your value.

So lets talk about some actionable tips on breakout out of the friend zone.

The first thing to access is what stage of the friend zone are you in right now and how to do you escape?

Each phase is unique and pose different challenges. Everyone can identify with this fits phase- it's when feelings for a girl catch you off guard. Many guys will pretend to not be interested. It works at first and the girl may become more interested in you initially.

It's a trap because it boxes you in- and forces you into a spot where you can't make a move. That's the bottleneck and you have to continue to be her friend and act uninterested.

So when you're acting like a "pretender" you don't make a move and you don't introduce sexuality or any flirty behavior into the interaction soon enough.

Mixed Signals Phase of the Friend Zone

The second type of friend zone situation is a mixed signals phase. This is a common situation for guys because at the outset of the meeting- there is real interest and the guy is playing it cool and sooner or later he is exposed in some way and the girl starts texting less or responding less frequently or just kind of pulling back in all areas. She has broken her pattern of behavior in some way and not for the better.

Now she may very well find you attractive but that is substantially different than being attracted to you. Again by not flirting and introducing any sexual tension earlier- the girl thinks you're a pretender and a fraud.

She sees you as a phony who may be attractive but was to scared to escalate or someone who was just acting cool from the beginning. She has realized you can't make sex happen and her interested level plummets. Most importantly- there isn't an urgency to see you.

We made a video where we talk about all the friend zone phases and the specific step-by-step strategies you can use to get the crush and finally relieve you anxiety and in many cases- depression.