I've been making games professionally as a designer, producer, creative lead, and programmer for the past 20 years. This site captures the games, game design writing, and talks I've worked on in one place. I'm currently the Creative Director at Heart Shaped Games, the studio I founded. I'm active on Twitter and Discord. You can contact me about my work at scott@heartshapedgames.com or LinkedIn.


Hero Generations: ReGen

Steam - iOS - Google Play

Hero Generations


Brave Hand

Google Play - Steam - iOS

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Scrap Metal

Snoopy Flying Ace


Lazy Raiders

Aegis Wing

GEL: Set & Match

Xbox Avatar Launch Games (Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts & Spades, Small Arms)

Galactic Civilizations II

The Sandbox

(Cancelled XBLA Action Adventure)


(IGF Student Showcase Selection)

Design Talks

Writing - Published Articles


We Are The Caretakers

  • Unity Awards Finalist (2021)

  • EGX Leftfield Collection (2021)

  • Smithsonian American Art Museum "SAAM Arcade" Selection (2019)

  • Indie MEGABOOTH Selection (2020)

  • WordPlay Selection (2020)

Hero Generations

  • IndieCade Finalist 2011

  • The MIX Selection 2015

Brave Hand

  • Google Play IGF Finalist (2017)

  • Indie Prize USA Finalist (2018)


  • IGF Student Showcase Selection - Ballistic (2006)

Notable Press

Podcast Appearances