Scotland pro-European Network

What is this website?

This site is one of a set of sites intended to cover the whole of the UK (index page) to help you find and work with the relevant pro-Europe groups in your area. So it is part of You can navigate to your area using the drop-down menus at the top right (PC) or top left (mobile devices). Please send any comments or requests for editing permissions to scotproeurnet at (should be scotpen perhaps)

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Pro-European Groups in Scotland

The main activity is organised under European Movement in Scotland: . But there are also Facebook groups and pages and Twitter acccounts representing places in Scotland and these can be collected here over time as well.

For identifying the other groups there is one of a series of 48% index groups in a closed group here:

  • The 48% - Scotland Groups Index:

Its "sister" news and discussion group (to keep such items off the index) is here:

  • The 48% - Scotland Groups Discussion:

The Register

A new development in 2021 is the appearance, under UKPEN's wing, of The Register ( This database collects the email addresses and postcodes of people who want to express their support for rejoining the EU. The data is shared with local UKPEN-linked groups for them to use in their campaigning. This site will indicate the routing of the postcodes to the different UKPEN-linked groups operating in Scotland.

The Regions

The last time that Scotland was officially divided into 12 regions was from 1975 -1996 see here. (A full history of the subdivisions of Scotland is here.) An informal regional naming system still often used is given here, and shown on this map. This site groups the regions further into the following three areas. The official position now uses borders at no higher than the level of the 32 Council Areas: .

The main pro-European groups are listed below each UKPEN area.

HIghlands for Europe:


Glasgow loves EU:

South West Scotland for Europe:

(East Lothian)

Edinburgh for Europe:


Fife for Europe:

Perth for Europe:

Stirling for Europe:

WIkipedia tells us that "As a result of the Fifth Periodical Review of the Boundary Commission for Scotland, Scotland is covered by 59 constituencies 19 Burgh constituencies and 40 County constituencies. These are listed here on wikipedia and indexed on this UKPEN site here. The wikipedia page includes election results, and a table relating constituencies to Council areas. This site will relate constituencies to regions in three defined areas, varying slightly from Best for Britain's areas, shown below:

Best for Britain drew lines on their map like this. And stipulated three areas: North of Scotland, West of Scotland, and "Borders and Eastern Scotland". The Scottish Best for Britain Facebook groups are:

North of Scotland: (26 members at 18/02/21)

West of Scotland: (62 members)

Borders and Eastern Scotland: (67)

These Regions and Island Areas from the 1973 Act currently break down into 32 Council Areas shown on our banner, and here: