The country covers an area of approximately 620,000 square kilometers (240,000 square miles) and an estimated population of around 4.8 million, with an incredible diversity of crops, as well as incredible biodiversity of plants and animals. The Central African Republic struggled to recover from the 2013 coup and remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Our action in the community

Scotland CARES, which stands for Education and Sport in the Central African Republic, has helped more than 200 children across the country continue their education. We have organized mentoring sessions and other events, teaching children that education is the path to success and the importance of leadership and civic responsibility.

Education is a major challenge

According to UNESCO, the literacy rate in the Central African Republic among 15-24 year old is 38.3%, although young people are becoming increasingly literate than their parents. The most recent data available showed that the country spends 7.8% of its government spending on education, about half of what the UK manages.