September 21 - September 25
Virtual Event

A week-long summit of robotics workshops and talks for bringing together the robotics community across Europe.

Last year we made a significant impact in the robotics community with the successful smart city SciRoc event. It saw the coming together of 3 different and distinct robotics community(consumer, professional and emergency) and competing. We would like to ride on this success and expand the reach of the competition to a larger audience around Europe. The best way to do this will be to bring together our robotics community under a single roof where teams can share their problems and help each other in solving them. In order to boost this community building event we have week long camp where research labs and industry experts from all the different fields of robotics come together and share their experiences.



September 21, 14:00 - 15:00

Champions Talk :Team SocRob

Speaker: Rui Bettencourt

SocRob@Home is a portuguese team formed by researchers and students from IST university, aiming to advance the state of the art in service robotics by participating in relevant Robotic Competitions. The SocRob team was originally formed in 1998 to compete in soccer robots challenges but started researching in the Home domain in 2014. Since then, the team has been competing at several events with renovated teams but always with the same mindset. After 22 years of Robotic Competitions, the SocRob team has gathered valuable experience in the area. This experience will be shared in the form of a technical overview of our system, but also as some best practices and tips on how to approach the difficult job of organizing a team and their robots. Robotic Competitions have the challenging goal of joining different research areas in a way that all the subsystems in a robot contribute to solve a complex task with an efficient and robust solution. How we approach this problem and other related ones is the main focus of the talk.

September 21, 15:00 - 16:00

Champions Talk:
Team b-it-bots@work

This talk presents the approach of our team, b-it-bots, in the SciRoc competition which resulted in us winning the "Shopping bag" competition in 2019. We describe our current hardware, including modifications made to the KUKA youBot, the underlying software framework and components developed for navigation, manipulation, perception and task planning for scenarios in industrial environments. Our combined 2D and 3D approach for object recognition has improved robustness and performance compared to previous years, and our task planning framework has moved us away from large state machines for high-level control. Future work includes closing the perception-manipulation loop for more robust grasping. Our open-source repository is available at

September 22, 14:00 - 15:00

Robot Perception Tutorial

Speaker : Mohammad Wasil

In this tutorial, we will walk you through a the perception pipeline for robotics. Modern robots are equipped with multi modal perception sensors like image, point clouds, radars etc. In order to efficiently process these different modalities and to stitch them together in a working pipeline requires a lot of fine-tuning. Also the pas decade saw the advent of deep learning methods especially with perception sensor data. In this tutorial, we will walk through a ROS based perception pipeline which incorporates multiple perception modality as well as deep learning based processing in a single decision making solution for robotic perception.

September 23, 14:00 - 15:00

Robot Planning Tutorial

Speaker : Oscar Lima

Typically in robotics the decision making problem is solved via state machines, but is this a good solution? can we do better? Welcome to an interesting area of research which is in the intersection of task planning and robotics. AI planning has been there for many years and is used to solve multiple real world problems in many different areas. The ROSPlan framework provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system and is a first step towards the integration of task planning, monitoring and execution on real and simulated robots. In this tutorial we will demystify the subject by providing a clear overall picture of where we are, and how ROSPlan fits into the picture.

September 24, 14:00 - 15:00

Champions Talk:
Team b-it-bots@home

  • Speaker : Abhishek Padalkar

For effective integration of robots in the working environments along with humans they need to possess the ability of compliant manipulation. Compliant manipulation can be achieved by modeling the environment and providing an engineered solution for specific tasks. But the limitations on the accuracy of models limit the ability of such approaches. In this talk we will present our approach for robust door opening. We give a brief overview of the different approaches, evaluation and final method used for opening the door.